Wednesday February 12, 2020

11 the chief baker and I each had a dream one night. 12 We told the dreams to a young Hebrew fellow there who was a slave of the captain of the guard, and he told us what our dreams meant. 13 And everything happened just as he said: I was restored to my position of wine taster, and the chief baker was executed, and impaled on a pole.” 14 Pharaoh sent at once for Joseph. He was brought hastily from the dungeon, and after a quick shave and change of clothes, came in before Pharaoh. Genesis 41:11-14 TLB

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “The gift of a man is an introductor and it makes provisions for the man.”

Joseph’s dream of interpretation announced him to the king and took him to his rightful place at the top. The gift of a man is the most potent means of impact making in the world. If you desire to be relevant identify your gift and start using it. People don’t care about the name of a person, what they really care about is the value a person can add. Anywhere you find yourself, try as much as possible to be identified with your gift, because amongst your contact will come the broadcast of your gift. Even when the people you’re with don’t value your gift or identify with it, they’ll be the one that will recommend you some day.

A visible error I have noticed is that people start selling their gifts very early when they’ve not being tested. Instead of asking for recommendations, people are more concerned with money. When you’re recommended and known a point will come when money will come on its own naturally because of the gift. In Genesis 40:1, Joseph didn’t tell the chief butler to pay him money or send him food in the prison after he had interpreted their dreams to them, he only asked to be recommended/mentioned to Pharaoh. He understood that recommendation is the way to the top. Beloved use your giftedness for greater good and not for wrong means. When you’re just starting a venture create a niche first and be known, don’t start with focus on money, start focusing on touching life’s and being known in your field as the best, that’s the way to attract success and money.


The gift of a man will always be a lifter.


Be good at what you do, don’t do things anyhow because you don’t know who will need your services tomorrow. Strive to be the best.


Father I ask to be known in my area of specialization in Jesus name. I prophecy the removal of any veil covering the brightness of your gift and preventing it from being seen in Jesus Mighty Name. Your gifts will make room for you and it will bring you before great men and woman that will affect your life positively. It is well with you. Celebrate!

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