Sunday November 3, 2019

And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides forever. 1John 2:17 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “The will of God is the gateway to eternal life.”

There is something that doesn’t die nor wear out or even rust and it is no other than the will of God. The will of God is eternal and doesn’t change at all. For the call of God is without repentance, if God say do this, do it without hesitation because doing it is tapping the forever life. Brethren there are realms that attract divine life. A realm of brokenness to His will, ways and patterns is what gives man access to forever life. Show me a man who is making sense in this kingdom and I’ll tell you how he/she has located the will, obeyed it and is in continuous service of the will. Abilities will fail a man, potentials will decline, wealth will vanish and have zero value, service will reduce and the world will even end, but His will is life, truth, everlasting and fail-less.

If you want to dwell in the realm of forever life, allow yourself to be smeared in the will of God, His will does not only satisfy you here on earth, it goes beyond the earthly realm to the eternal realm of glory. When you observe the will of God it will bring you face to face with the workings of God. His will buries wickedness and contradictions and gives room for truth to reign. There is another world beyond this one. Tailor your life to His will to secure a place with Him because Jesus is coming soon and the way you live now will determine your place with Him. Live right and in His will. The will is living according to the standards of God, forsaking the flesh and following Jesus to please Him and to say no to unrighteousness.


Those who serve the Lord in obedience and keep His command are never wasted in this life and in the one to come.


Anything that disconnects you from God is against your eternal destination, quickly renounce every negative lifestyle and turn to God wholeheartedly.


I declare upon your life and destiny that you will not deviate from the will of God concerning your life in Jesus name. May the path that will take you away from the will of God never be opened to you in Jesus name.

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