Saturday November 2, 2019

Say to them, As truly as I live, says the Lord, as you have spoken in My ears, so will I do to you. Numbers 14:28 KJV

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “What you profess with your mouth, is what arranges your life.”

God does not make promises that He cannot keep. If He says it, He will do it. It has been established that one thing that God doesn’t play with is what we say with our mouth. The wordings of your mouth can arrange or disarrange your life. Your word is one of the major potent voices that God listens to whenever you open it to speak into your life. The mouth is the judgmental organ given to man; you can use it to bless and to curse. God captures what we say faster than the wind. If God doesn’t play with words, you should also not play with what you say. When it is in the mind only, the damage can be controlled, but when you think it and say it, it takes the grace and the mercies of God to divert trouble. Job contributed to the attack he received, in Job 1:5, the Bible puts it thus: ‘for Job said, it may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their heart.’ His reason for sanctifying them and worship to God was not for thanksgiving but for forgiveness of what he didn’t know occurred or not, he always imagined and said that they’ve cursed God, instead of Job to think good of them and thank God in that regard, he magnetized evil by thinking wrong of them and saying it. In Job 3:25, he acknowledged his wrong by saying what he greatly feared has happened to him, never ever allow your fear to become your confession. Everyone can fear, but don’t dwell to long on your fear, speak strength and positively.

Don’t allow situation to determine your speaking. Speak what you want to see. Everything that was created came into existence because a word came forth from God, use that same principle to create your world and arrange your life. Don’t allow negative occurrences to pollute your thoughts, because a polluted thought equals wrong speech. Say what you desire and want to see even when you don’t know how it will be formed. Be intentional with your speech.


Be positive in every situation. Use your mouth for you and not against you.


Eject negative news and updates immediately, don’t try to analyze what will depress you, just let it go. Concentrate on the promises of God and maintain a healthy positive thinking at all times.


Receive the strength to remain positive at all times in Jesus name. As you declare and speak blessings into your life, the God of heaven will answer you. Amen.

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