Wednesday October 30, 2019

And the Lord said to Moses, “Write down these laws that I have given you, for they represent the terms of my covenant with you and Israel.” Exodus 34:27 TLB

TODAY’S THOUGHT: “When you receive it and write it down, it becomes binding between you and God.”

When you receive it and fail to write it down, the likelihood of missing out from some of the details is bound to happen. Whenever information is written down, it can be revisited with accurate precision of words without mistakes. When it is stored it can be reviewed from time to time. Most times visions that are not well defined are not easy to stick with, when it is written down, it enables further studying and understanding of what the whole concept is all about. Terms and conditions keeps one in check. It defines the modus operandi and stops you from operating in some certain ways that will hinder the progress of the vision.

There is no glory without responsibility, any time you sight the blessing in the vision, equally look out for the duty, because every true vision from God is accompanied with a responsibility that man must fulfill in order for the manifestation to be full. Whenever responsibility is dodged, you cannot partake in the blessing. God works with serious-minded people. Start by writing down whatsoever it is you feel you want to achieve with the help of God before the year runs out and prayerfully implement the responsibilities as you do your part God will do His own part. God wants us to write things down because He wants us to have a comprehensive knowledge of His patterns of operation, with Him, history is important in order to understand His former deeds, what He’ll do and what He intends to do in the future.


God is a keeper of His words. If you can do your part and keep His precepts He will do His acts.


Take your time to write down every instruction received from God and observe His ways.


As you see to the end of God’s terms and conditions, the Lord will bring to pass every good work concerning your life in Jesus name. Amen

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